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8 Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and Spring 2017 Projects You’ll Love to DIY

So normally we talk tech on the Lynktec blog, but we’re Chicago-based so we have spring fever because if you know anything about this area, you know winters can be tough! But it’s spring here (thank god!) and images fill the mind with everything from gorgeous greenery bursting with colors of spring to bright new home décor to trendy fashion.

If you’re like me, springtime means new and fresh – house, wardrobe, yard – all need a creative approach to shake off the last vestiges of winter!  Of course, we also have the inevitable spring cleanup projects and the rounds of gift-giving occasions like Mother’s Day.  I thought it would be fun to curate some fun, simple ideas to help inspire all of us to get creative this spring!  Here are my top 8 ideas to get you in the creative mood (and if they turn out the way you like, you can give them as gifts).

1. Calling all wine lovers!
Spruce up your patio or deck with these citronella candles made from your upcycled wine bottles (and help the environme…