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Friday, October 21, 2016

Flip, Best New iPad Smart Stylus for 2017 Live on Kickstarter Now

Flip, the world’s most intuitive smart stylus, is a must-have for digital artists and everyday doodlers alike. 

You can check it out now on Kickstarter – the project currently has over 900 backers and has reached more than 800% of its funding goal.  

At any given time there are more than 5000+ Live Projects on Kickstarter, but Flip is capturing the attention of backers because this new smart stylus technology works just like the pencil you grew up with.  With Flip, the goal was to create a stylus with all the benefits and features of an active stylus, but without the complexity of smart stylus which utilizes complicated electronics to activate digital features.

With Flip, artists will be able to simply flip the stylus to the “eraser end” (without having to activate the in-app eraser function) to erase what they don’t want.   They will be able to rest their hand on their iPad screen because Flip has perfect palm rejection.  If they want to hover and zoom, Flip knows.  It also has an auto dimming feature which is great way to conserve battery life on your iPad.

Artists will love working with the magnetically interchangeable tips that include the critically acclaimed TruGlide fiber mesh tip, a conductive artist brush tip, and a clear precision cross tip.  These quick-attach tips will inspire both professional and amateur digital artists to draw, sketch, and paint in all their favorite apps.

Flip is powered by magnets that interact with the existing hardware in iPads and iPhones, so users can easily write, draw, and erase on their iOS devices just like they would with a pencil and paper.  Flip comes with a free, easy to use note taking and drawing app called FlipNotes. Lynktec is currently working with NotesPlus, INKcredible, and ZoomNotes to integrate a software developer’s kit and plans to continue to add to the list of supported apps.

Visit the Flip Project Page on Kickstarter ►


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  4. I am currently managing internationally based teams and was wondering if Flip is able to synchronise in real-time with your MacBook or PC so that you can do a screen-share of your design from your computer.

    Or even better still can you build a feature that allows both parties to share the same view-portal whilst drawing on it from different locations at the same time - allowing more than one party to work collaboratively....

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