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5 Useful Tips to Encourage Your Teen to Write

Back to school is looming ahead for some parents with great relief, but that is typically not the case for most teens. As parents, one of the best things we can do is to encourage our kids to write.
Why? Because writing is a key language skill proven to shape future success. We know that the more kids write, the better they will be at it. The good news is that most teens believe that writing well is important to their success in life – a whopping 86% of teenagers believe this according to a recent PEW Internet and American Life survey. Even better, they are writing more than ever, but interestingly, they just don’t view digital writing (like blogging, texting, and email) as writing. So let’s build on this knowledge with some ideas on how to encourage your teens to put pen to iPad:

Embrace the Tech that Teens Like to Use. Easy-to-use digital writing apps for iPads and Android tablets can quickly increase both the quality and quantity of written output. Encourage your teen to try …