Newest Apple TV Release

The Newest Apple TV Release 

Who doesn’t love TV and now with Apple’s new launch of their Apple TV 4 upcoming in either later this October or November (perfect release time for Black Friday/Holiday shopping) should make the viewing experience even more pleasurable than before.

Newest Apple TV design 

What’s different? 

New Siri Remote

Have you ever felt too tired and didn’t have enough energy to just flick through the channels? Well, Apple in their 4th generation Apple TV has made their remote your new best friend when viewing TV. They have made several updates that will ease your viewing experience.

Siri features: Don’t you hate it when your thumb is too weak and you don’t quite have the energy to click through the channels? You now have a Siri button option where you can tell her to “show me comedy TV shows” or  "go to Netflix.” You can even become incredibly specific and ask to view a particular Breaking Bad episode and she will turn it on for you.

The physical remote itself has a new sleek design with a glass touch-surface on top, which makes swiping back and forth between movie selections, the simplest task in the world.

New remote with Siri and swiping capabilities

Apple has also added a Bluetooth feature to the remote which will allow you to be anywhere in the room and change what you are watching without having to physically point it at the TV.

Sure, this all looks great, but how much does this cost? Currently the 3rd generation Apple TV is selling for about $70 (USD), but the new 4th generation is slated to sell for a whopping $149. This dramatic raise in price may have Apple lose some of its consumers?

Is the price too much for you and you’re curious where you could find a product similar? Check out:

The Roku 2

 cost anywhere from $49-$129, depending upon the player you are looking for 

Google Chromecast
Amazon Fire TV
Google Chromecast: easy plugin, priced at $35

                     Amazon Fire TV: Found exclusively on amazon for $99 

Google Nexus Player: Costs: $99
Google Nexus Player

But if you can’t resist the Apple charm, I’m sure Siri will be good to you and make your TV-life enjoyable


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