iPad Air 2 Improvements and Lynktec’s New Apex Fine Point Stylus Release

iPad Air 2 Improvements and Lynktec’s New Apex Fine Point Stylus Release

Since the release of the new iPadAir 2 and the new tech that goes along with it, there has been a steady decline of touch screen accessories that would work with the new version of the iPad. But here at Lynktec, the Apex stylus design team has been hard at work to address the new Apple products and have redesigned the Rechargeable Apex so that it works not only with the iPad Air 2 but also the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+.
Lynktec Rechargeable Apex, full body shot

What Apple did to shake things up for Stylus Manufacturers: 

You wouldn’t be one of the world’s most successful tech companies without constantly evolving the technology utilized in the release of your new consumer electronics. In the newer product releases, Apple changed how thin the Air is, the A8X processor, and the Touch ID. Of course, these new designs make the consumer want the latest products Apple is offering, but it also requires a change of scenery for mobile accessories. 

Lynktec’s most significant changes to the new Rechargeable Apex were on the technical surface board and the material of the Apex’s 2mm tip. Also, due to customer feedback, we have altered the on/off switch so that it turns on in 2 seconds instead of the 5 seconds it was previously set to.  In addition, styling on the Apex has been updated. It is slightly lighter so that it is far more comfortable to hold in your hand, there is a rubberized grip that provides cushion and stability, and the predominately silver design provides for a sleek and finished look in any setting. The Rechargeable Apex works beautifully with writing apps such as INKredible and NOTE plus. The engineers here at Lynktec have worked closely with these companies among others to insure that the apex will work smoothly with their app. Please check out our app page to see the full list of applications that are suggested to accompany your Apex: Lynktec Apps  
Lynktec, Example of Apex usage

We have received very positive market feedback on this new edition Apex fine point stylus and appreciate all the customers who support our products.  As always, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at Support@lynktec.com if you have any questions regarding this update or need any support with any of our products!


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