The Coolest Ways to put that Apple Watch to use!

The Coolest Ways to put that Apple Watch to use!

With the Apple Watch expanding its market this latest gadget is the company's most desired product right now. At the end of July 2015 the company is expanding its availability throughout the world and will be now available in Turkey, New Zealand, and Russia by the end of this month.  Here in the Lynktec community we were thinking about some of the most interesting ways to
use your watch!

Night Rider
1. We can finally live out our spy fantasies
and look super cool by talking into
a watch while you walk down the street.

2. You'll feel incredibly futuristic with this watch: Philips has even designed an app where upon entering your home, your lights automatically turn on! You can design the brightness and which lights turn on in the app features.  Called Philips HUE.

3. With the maps function, the watch will know where the wearer is located and with that, can offer language aid. Such as common greetings and phrases to say in a restaurant. Just download the app "Babbel."

4. August is coming up and maybe your favorite student deserves an apple watch. There are plenty of practical uses for the classroom such as time management, group organization, and dictating notes. The app "Day One" will allow the students to personally dictate to the phone what they want to write.

5. with all the newest healthcare applications coming out, the apple watch is another tool that can help you stay in shape. It comes with friendly reminders that will send a "nudge" for you to move around every hour. You will also find yourself competing against yourself to fulfill the "circles" that apple employs to help you stay on tract. (Circles include a moving, stand, and exercise circle).

For you viewing pleasure: here is a video of the apple watch being smashed with a hammer (it holds out for a surprisingly long time).

And of course, it can always help you tell time no matter where you go. 


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