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The Newest Trend: Emojis as Passwords

Can you rattle off your telephone number Your home phone Your mom’s cell Your social security Your address Your best friends address The year that World War 2 ended The year World War 1 ended Your bank account pin?
It can be pretty difficult remembering all those different combinations and it has been found that almost a third of all British bank account holders have forgotten their pin code! Now a British based company, Intelligent Environments, wants to change the password game by completely deviating from number codes and moving into using emojis to represent our passwords. It has been found that people can remember images far better than they can ever hope to remember a numeric series. These emoji-pins will be chosen from an option of 44 different emojis, which will hopefully make the passwords significantly more secure than the past. The only concern would be people confusing which emojis they have chosen for their passcode. This could potentially create confusion for olde…

Top 10 Cool Gift Ideas for Dad on Father's Day

When is Father’s Day again?  It’s sometime in June, I know, but FYI, it’s June 21st this year!

For me, that Sunday in June always comes far too fast and I am always crunched at the last minute to know what I should get for dear old dad. To help out, I’ve compiled a Top 10 Gift Guide of some of the more popular gifts to give the favorite man in your life no matter if he is the do-it-yourself type or the constant on-the-go business man. Here is my Top 10 Best Father’s Day gifts this year that I’ve matched with a personality type that might fit your dad:
1.The Fitbit Everyone has one these days: your roommate, the post office worker, and now YOUR dad! Have your dad join the Fitbit bandwagon this year. This “super cool” product comes in several different models, all of which aim to create a healthier living style for the wearer. One of the more attractive styles is called the Fitbit Surge which includes everything from a GPS tracking device, seeing phone call and text notifications, to r…