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The Future of Technology | CES Innovation Awards 2015 Highlights

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) Innovation Awards showcased their 2015 honorees and winners for consumer technology products, yesterday. These awards exemplify the future of technology for the upcoming year, and let me tell you, the products mentioned did not disappoint.

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) (for anyone who may be unfamiliar) is the foremost industry trade show for consumer electronics and is held each January in Las Vegas.

Image from the CES Innovation Awards, 2014
The coolest new consumer electronics products are featured at CES Las Vegas and the best of the best are awarded a coveted CES Innovation Award Honoree status.
I want to highlight some winners from yesterday's announcement! Drumroll, please . . .
So here at Lynktec we are very excited to share that the elite CES judging committee has just selected Reeljuice as CES 2015 Innovation Award Honoree based on its engineering qualities, aesthetic and design qualities, and user value! 
Image of our CES Innovation…

Instagram Update | Spelling Mishaps No More

No one is a stranger to an accidental spelling error or that awful auto-correct oops. Now, thanks to the new Instagram update for Android and iOS users, spelling mishaps are no more.

The update, which is iOS version 6.2 and Android version 6.10, was released early this week. It now allows users of the social media application to be able to finally, and I mean finally, edit their photo captions without having to delete the photo and re-post it.

According to the Instagram Blog, one of the top requests from users was to add the ability to edit spelling mishaps in the captions, and Instagram has ultimately answered their users' pleas.

Now, users will simply find the "Edit" option in the menu bar below the image they wish to change.

Photo of simplistic new editing feature
The second major change this update has brought to all the insta-lovers out there are modifications to the oh-so-fun Explore section. 
The most obvious change is the icon has transformed from a compass to a m…

Futuristic Aircraft | Green Technology With a View

Imagine cruising at 45,000 feet in an aircraft that appeared to have Harry Potter's invisibility cloak atop it. Are windowless aircraft's with surround screen views the future of flying technology?

That is just what a U.K. based technology association, The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), is claiming they can achieve in a mere decade (um . . . what?).

The idea is to transform the future of commercial aircraft's by replacing all windows with over-sized screens, allowing passengers to have a live-feed view of the surroundings of the plane.

Simulated images of new windowless airplane

The new technology is based on screens from mobile phones and televisions. CPI's windowless aircraft concept include large, ultra-thin, high-definition screens that are lightweight and are spanning from floor-to-ceiling.

Passengers of the green technology aircraft would have the capability to change their view from the live-feed of the outdoors, to checking their personal emails, watch te…