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Hidden Secrets of Google and YouTube

Do you like finding hidden treasure?  Yes.  Who doesn't?  Well, this post is like a scavenger hunt!  The tricks listed here will make your Google visits a lot more fun.  Software engineers have hidden fun features and games, known as "Easter Eggs" to make life more amusing.  Some Easter Eggs are only active for a short time, to celebrate April Fool's Day, Christmas, etc., so here are some active ones as of April 2014.

In honor of Easter, check out these Google and YouTube Easter Eggs.  Have fun, and enjoy!

~~~ Google Easter Eggs ~~~

Do a barrel roll

How do I find it? Google.comSearch: "do a barrel roll" or "z or r twice"
Here's a classic hidden feature that you may have seen before.  Based on the Super Nintendo video game Star Fox 64, if you Google this phrase, your screen will rotate 360 degrees.  In the game, the command for a barrel roll is pressing z or r twice, so you can also Google "z or r twice" to get the same spin! (T…