Easy, Quick Holiday Gift Ideas | Last Minute Shopping?

Want to avoid the dreaded last minute mall shopping frenzy? Yeah, we've all been there. Fortunately this nightmare can be avoided with these easy, quick holiday gift ideas that can be purchased online from the comfort of your couch and cozy slippers.

Crowded mall of last minute holiday shoppers

Of course I have to mention our great gift ideas here at Lynktec! We have made those last minute gifts as easy as possible with our super snazzy and tech-y holiday gift bundles, which are even pre-wrapped free of charge!

fast gift ideas

Our holiday gift bundles for your favorite tech geek that are ready for under your tree

The gift bundles are a holiday exclusive offer. They make great gifts for those who are hard to shop for, and they are ready to be placed under your tree! We have taken all of the fuss out of holiday shopping, plus, if you act fast there is free shipping on our website for all domestic orders! There are three options for the gift bundles. . . 

1. The Gadget Guru bundle is $14.99 and includes a TruGlide Pro stylus, a mystery microfiber Smartie cloth and a TruGlide Carrying Tube. This is a great deal with huge savings for any student on your last minute shopping list. 

easy gift idea

Our Gadget Guru gift bundle unwrapped
2. The On-the-Go Tech Lover bundle is $19.99 and includes some awesome gadgets as well! It comes with a TruGlide Clip stylus and a TruGlide Tether stylus in mystery colors, a mystery microfiber Smartie cloth and a TruGlide Carrying Tube. This gift bundle is perfect for the on-the-go person on your list. 

quick holiday gift

Our On-the-Go Tech Lover gift bundle unwrapped
3. The Business Executive bundle is $49.99 and would make the perfect last minute gift for that techy person in your life who loves new, innovative products. It includes an active Rechargeable Apex stylus and a mystery microfiber Smartie cloth. This bundle gives you huge savings and is sure to impress the ones you love! 

simple christmas gift

Our Business Executive gift bundle unwrapped

Some other great last minute gift ideas include savings on the iPad Air and the iPad Mini 2 at Best Buy. They are offering $50 off and free two-day shipping or free in-store pick-ups for the same day you order! An iPad is a gift anyone would love to receive, and if you're looking for an easy and quick option this one is sure to impress. 

Another great way to find last minute deals from the comfort of your living room is to search on Amazon. One gift I found that looks awesome for both men and women is the Ubest Bluetooth Hat which is selling for just $23.99. This is a perfect gift for those living in colder climates. It is a winter-y cap that includes Bluetooth speakers. 

Another fabulous last minute gift idea, perfect for that budding digital artist, that is easy and quick is our TruGlide Pro Stylus & Artist Paintbrush Tip Bundle. 

digital art

Our TruGlide Pro Stylus & Artist Paintbrush Tip Bundle

This bundle is currently on sale for just $34.99 for a limited time only! It includes a TruGlide Pro Stylus in a color of your choice, a Metal Carrying Case for the stylus and all of its accessories, and a digital Artist Paintbrush Tip that attaches to the Pro stylus. This is the perfect gift to give someone who loves art or has an interest in electronic art! 

I hope in all of your last minute shopping woes this gift idea list was helpful! Let us know if you have any ideas for last minute gifts to help out other shoppers in the comments below :)! 


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