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Fantastic Four New Products from LYNKtec

You know and love your TruGlide Stylus.  You keep your Smartie Microfiber Cleaning Cloth in your pocket for quick and easy screen cleaning.  But what else can you get from LYNKtec?  Well, we are now proud to offer you these fantastic four new products - the Exo|Tec Clutch Case for iPhone 5/5S, the 360 Grip Stand for tablets, the Champagne Gold TruGlide Stylus with Tether, and the Dual USB Car Charger.

See how our brand new products match up with the Fantastic Four superheroes below!

Exo|Tec Clutch Case | Wallet Case for iPhone 5/5S

With as often as we have our phones in our hands, it makes sense to have a functional, efficient case.  There are phone cases that double as Swiss army knives.  Ok, you may need that someday.  But this phone case doubles as the frequently-used wallet, AND it can make it through airport security without hearing "sir, I need you to step over to the side.  Male agent needed!"

The lightweight, hard protective phone case features a hidden faux leather …