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Google's Santa Tracker Will Make Your Day Merry and Bright!

In case you haven't seen it yet, Google's Santa Tracker is amazing!  This website is sure to get you more into the holiday spirit.  According to Santa's Dashboard, he is currently traveling from Russia to Georgia and has already delivered almost 3.5 billion presents!  He even posts status updates like "Ho ho ho! This is my favorite day of the year" and "I'm getting a little too big for these chimneys!"

In addition to tracking Santa's journey around the world, there are many other fun parts of the site to explore.  Go to the Village and click away.... You can see the elves in Santa's Workshop, play games, click the sun to change from day to night, and more.  Click the yellow circle at the top right of the page to find the main menu.

Feeling the urge to be cultural?  Christmas Traditions Around the World is amazing!  If you only read one.... Iceland.  Do you know about Iceland's Christmas Cat?  It's interesting!  Go find out.  Share wi…

Funny Articles To Make Your Christmas Extra Merry

Christmas is only 5 days away!  Whether you're a last-minute shopper or someone who thinks up gifts throughout the year, you'll probably relate to one of these.

Here are a couple of funny articles to make your holiday season extra merry.  Share with friends and family and spread some joy!

23 Signs You're Obsessed with Christmas - by Mackenzie Kruvant, Buzzfeed

My favorite on the list:

17. Even your pets can't escape your joy.

....and this might be the most fantastic thing I've read this holiday season.

23 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Like A Dad - by Jessica Misener, Buzzfeed
My favorites on the list:

2. Try to save money in fun ways whenever possible.

18. Follow directions carefully.

Best of luck with your shopping, and have a wonderful holiday season!

12 Fun Facts About Cyber Monday and Online Shopping

Cyber Monday 2013 has been confirmed as the biggest online shopping day ever!  Online sales reached $1.735 billion, up 18% from Cyber Monday 2012.

In honor of this record-breaking day, I compiled a list of fun facts for you....

15 Fun Facts About Cyber Monday and Online Shopping

1. "Cyber Monday" was born in 2005. - a division of the National Retail Foundation - created the term to reflect the huge spike in online shopping that occurs the Monday after Thanksgiving.