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iOS 7 - Have you updated your iPhone yet?

I'll admit it.  I have not updated my phone to iOS 7 yet.  I took a picture for someone last night using their newly updated iPhone, and at first I didn't even realize it was an iPhone due to the camera's new look.

After seeing this slideshow of 23 Side-By-Side Comparisons of How Apple's New iPhone Software Will Change Your Favorite Apps by Business Insider, I'm preparing for a bit of a learning curve.  My subconscious swipe-swipe-tap-I'm exactly where I wanted to be.... will require some actual thought and glances at my screen.  I use Notes for everything.  I have 214 notes in my app.  (My sister considers this an "unreasonable" number of notes.)  The new version looks very white and blank.  Are you sure my notes will be there?

Ok, I'll stop whining about iOS 7 before I sound too much like this Saturday Night Live skit from when the iPhone 5 came out.  (So funny!  I definitely recommend watching, even if you've already seen it!)

Now if you h…

Review: Introducing The Lynktec TruGlide Pro Artist Paintbrush For Digital Arts - by Two Classy Chics

Hello, LYNKtec blog readers!  Check out this great review that came out over the weekend.  Chris and Sherrie from Two Classy Chics wrote Introducing the Lynktec TruGlide Pro Artist Paintbrush for Digital Arts.

Chris and Sherrie reviewed our new TruGlide Pro Artist Paintbrush Tip, and they mention that they use our Smartie Microfiber Cleaning Cloth as well!  Even novice digital artists will enjoy using the Artist Paintbrush Tip, and you'll be amazed at the incredible masterpieces you never knew you could create.

If you'd like to read more, Two Classy Chics previously reviewed our TruGlide Pro Precision Stylus when it was first released in May 2013.

Now that you've read a great review or two of our Artist Paintbrush Tip, if you are a digital art aficionado, click here to enter our Facebook contest!

Even if you're not an artist, go vote for your favorite!  It's super quick and easy.  Click right here.... and simply click "Vote" next to your favorite artwork…

Enter to Win the TruGlide Pro Digital Art Contest!

TruGlide Pro Digital Art Contest
Get Your Art Recognized!

Artists, do you enjoy using your iPad, tablet, or other touch screen to create your own digital masterpieces? Submit your best digital artwork to us for a chance to win our TruGlide Pro Digital Art Contest! The winner will get his or her art featured in our Pros Use the Pro campaign as well as a $50 gift certificate to use on!

We also have awesome prizes for the first and second runner-ups:

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: The winner's artwork will be featured in our Pros Use the Pro marketing campaign along with a byline. Winner will also receive a $50 gift certificate to use on

FIRST RUNNER-UP: The first runner-up's artwork will be featured on the official LYNKtec blog. He or she will also receive a $25 gift certificate to use on

SECOND RUNNER-UP: The second runner-up's artwork will be featured on the official LYNKtec blog. He or she will also receive a $15 gift ce…

23 Signs You're Addicted to Your Smartphone

Happy Friday! (or if you don't have a Monday-Friday work week, happy "Your Wednesday" or whatever day it is)  Here's something fun for you.  My sisters would say this BuzzFeed article applies to me....

23 Signs You're Addicted to Your Smartphone

Also, if you're planning to go out to dinner with someone tonight, you might like this from Someecards:

Have a great weekend!

Patriot Day 9/11

In honor of September 11, I'm re-posting our TruGlide American flag.  Land of the free, home of the brave!  We're proud to be American!

Apple's iPhone Launch - iPhone 5S, 5C, iOS 7, and More Revealed Today!

Big news in the tech world today - Apple's new iPhone launch event was presented at the new Apple Store in Berlin.  You've heard (and probably contributed to) rumors and speculation about new iThings for months.... and today, all things Apple were unveiled!

The suspense was so great that the amazing people at TechRadar created this dramatic movie trailer spoof about the launch:

Some of the things announced today:
Speed - iPhone 5S has a 64-bit Apple A7 chip with over a billion transistors, making it 56 times faster than the original iPhone.

Screen - iPhone 5S has the same 4-inch screen.

Colors - iPhone 5S is available in silver, gold, and space gray.  iPhone 5C is coming in five colors: blue white, yellow, pink, green.

Camera - Auto image stabilization with a multi-shot option on the 5S camera

Battery - 10 hours of 4G talk time and 250 hours of standby

New Technology - New home button features a fingerprint reader.  Touch ID provides security for your phone and can be used for purc…

Google's Acquisition of Motorola vs. Microsoft's Nokia Purchase

With Google's acquisition of Motorola and Microsoft purchasing Nokia's handset business, huge changes are occurring in the some of the world's largest tech companies.  Check out the following articles to find out more about these deals.

Google-Motorola Deal Foreshadows Challenge Awaiting Microsoft by Brian Womak, Bloomberg, discusses Microsoft's deal to purchase Nokia's handset business as well as financial information about the deal.

Why the Google-Motorola Deal Matters for Microsoft-Nokia by Kevin Kelleher, CNN Money, talks about the major changes that have happened in the mobile phone market in the past 7 years.

Brand Champ: Microsoft-Nokia Bests Google-Motorola by Byron Acohido, USA Today, discusses who got the better buy.... Google or Microsoft?

Introducing LYNKtec's New Must-Have Accessory - The Artist Paintbrush Tip!

For all the digital artists out there, LYNKtec introduces the Artist Paintbrush Tip!  This new accessory for your TruGlide Pro Stylus is compatible with all drawing apps and capacitive touchscreens.  The bristles are made with conductive synthetic fibers, and the responsiveness is truly impressive.  Digital artists and painting enthusiasts will enjoy a high-quality drawing experience with this new tip.  Simply unscrew your TruGlide Pro's fiber stylus tip, screw the paintbrush tip in its place, and you are ready to create a fabulous work of art on your tablet.

A new metal carrying case is available as well.  The lightweight, hard-shelled carrying case contains a foam insert with three slots for your TruGlide Pro Stylus, a spare stylus tip, and the artist paintbrush tip.  This case provides easy storage and great protection for your drawing tools everywhere you go.

The TruGlide Pro Stylus is available for $29.95.  The Artist Paintbrush Tip by itself is available for $14.95, and th…