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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What should I buy for the impossible-to-buy-for???

Does your Christmas list look something like this?

Ideas for Christmas presents for hard to shop for, guys, holiday shopping

I know I have a tough time thinking of amazing presents for everyone on my list.  My sister has been keeping track every time a person mentions they want something, she writes it in her phone, for at least the past couple of months!  Maybe she does it all year, I don't know.  So, she's good at Christmas.  But how about umm.... normal people?

Who are the tough-to-buy-for people on your list?

what to buy for impossible to shop for
TruGlide Stylus w/ Tether

love iphone 


Candy Crush addiction
red clip for smart phone and tablet games
TruGlide Stylus w/ Pocket Clip



presents for anyone who loves reading
how to clean your screen, cleaning cloth, perfect gift for anyone
Smartie Microfiber Cleaning Cloth



how to clean glasses, perfect accessory for anyone who wears glasses
cute adorable owls cleaning cloth for glasses, sunglasses, ipads, phones, screens
Clean-a-Roo Joey


traveling, watching movies, ipad, tablet, headphones, earbuds, airplane

clean your screen and tablet ipad stand two in one
Clean Stand | 2-in-1 Tablet Stand & Cleaning Kit




pen and ipad best stylus two in one
TruGlide Duo Stylus Pen
students studying and learning in classroom 


tech savvy guy perfect gift for people who love technology the latest and greatest
pre-order the brand new technology stylus with fine point tip
TruGlide Apex


business meeting seminar using tablet
small fiber tip 5mm microfiber stylus fine point
TruGlide Pro Precision Stylus


artwork done on ipad and other tablets with stylus, best stylus for painting

perfect gift for artists, people who love to draw, digital artwork
TruGlide Pro Stylus & Paintbrush Bundle


love ipad, iphone, kindle, nook, tablet, nexxus, galaxy, smartphone
5mm microfiber interchangeable tip for fine point stylus
Additional Tip for TruGlide Pro

For all these great people and more, you can find some wonderful holiday presents.... right here at!

Christmas holiday shopping great gifts for hard to shop for difficult to buy for

Friday, November 8, 2013

Travelers! This one's for you.

Our latest review comes to you from Business Traveler Social.  They were nice enough to review our TruGlide Pro Stylus.  Read the review here!

Also, since I'll be heading to the airport in just a couple of hours.... I looked around the rest of the Business Traveler Social website and found some other interesting stuff to share with you!

I hate packing.  Every time I have to pack, I always wonder when technology experts will invent a suitcase
that packs itself.  That, or I wish I could train my dog to pack for me.  He's pretty smart, so maybe.... but for now, I did find this article about Genius Pack, which may help make packing and traveling a little easier.  These suitcases are amazing.  Check out their website!

Maps.  I know that maps are ancient artifacts these days.  However, Suggestme provides you with a personalized map of your destination city, highly-rated locations based on locals' and fellow travelers' social media reviews, opening/closing hours of businesses, and more.  It's all printed on extra-durable paper to last your whole trip.  If you're traveling internationally and can't just search on your smartphone like in your home country, this could be extremely useful!

The article 21 Travel Accessories That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier has some great travel-friendly products, some you probably didn't even know you wanted - like the Jacket Gripper and Shoe Bag.  It gave me some Christmas present ideas, as well!

Finally, how THRILLING are in-flight safety demonstrations?!?  Not very.  Well, this really made me want to fly with Virgin America and never another airline again.  They have an awesome video that gets every important point about safety clearly across, but it's fun, too!  If you're proud of your dancing skills, you can even go to Virgin America's website to submit a video audition for their next safety video!  Watching this video will make your day better, I promise. :)

Safe travels, everyone!

Genius Pack: the luggage of the future