The TruGlide Apex is LIVE on Kickstarter!

TruGlide Apex Video 


 The Future is Now.

LYNKtec is extremely excited to share the news about our latest product development, the TruGlide Apex!  The TruGlide Apex is a 2.4 mm fine point electronic stylus designed to work with the iPad.

Click on the video link above to learn more about our project!


Support us on Kickstarter

 We just launched the TruGlide Apex project on Kickstarter today and are asking for your help to fund the future!

Our vision is to bring you a product that replaces the need for the traditional pen and paper.  With your support for this project, we hope to make this concept a reality, and together, take the next step toward a paperless world!


Want to see what all the hype is about?


All of our supporters have the chance to get their own TruGlide Apex along with other exclusive Kickstarter rewards.  

But hurry - there are a limited number of EARLY BIRD SPECIALS available!



  1. I didn't see this until too late, but I want to order one! Where do I go?

  2. Hi there! As you can see, the Kickstarter campaign is over, but the Apex is now available for pre-order on Please just e-mail me at for the pre-order link! Thanks so much for your interest!


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