The Tech-iest, Geek-iest Halloween Costumes - What's Yours?? Tweet Us to WIN a Prize!!!

Share your costume with us on Twitter @LYNKtec!  We'll pick our favorite, and you win a prize!!!

In honor of Halloween, here are some of the most creative and funny tech-related costumes I found.


Candy Crush candies

Candy Crush girl

Angry Birds


Pac Man

3 Wii consoles

Firefox browser

LOL cats

Twitter fail whale

Facebook profile

Facebook pokes

Reddit alien

404 Page Not Found

iPod and company

iPhone with headphones

iPhone touchscreen


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If you have a clever tech-y Halloween costume, or any Halloween costume you're proud of, we'd love for you to share them with us!
 Tweet us @LYNKtec and win a prize!!!


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