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Innovative Artwork - iPad Artist Evan Thomas Creates Digital Works of Art

Art enthusiasts and tech lovers alike are fascinated by this new style of painting.  Using apps like ArtStudio Pro ($4.99, but there's a FREE Lite version) and FinngrPro ($0.99), modern-day artists can create wonderful pieces of digital art on their tablets.

You never know when inspiration will strike.  With this emerging art form, artists can take out their iPads and begin sketching or painting immediately.  Evan Thomas is an iPad artist who started out just drawing as a way to pass the time.  Now he showcases his work at State Fairs and even teaches classes in iPad art.

We are honored that Evan's preferred tool is his TruGlide Stylus!  In his bio below, he talks about how he got started, exhibiting at the California State Fair, and of course, his stylus preference. (I especially like the part where he calls the TruGlide "the greatest thing since sliced cheese"!)


Apple Expected to Release New Gold iPhone

I remember my very first cell phone was a forest green Ericsson flip phone (with a little green screen just big enough to fit a phone number).  I don't think you could even play Snake on it.  One of my sister's first cell phones was a shiny pink Razr.  Now of course, we can buy cases in a million different colors and styles, but our phones are still typically black or white.

Well get ready to camp outside your closest Apple Store, because Apple is expected to come out with a brand new gold iPhone 5S.  Here's a picture of it!!!

Here's the real one....

The new iPhone color has also been referred to as "champagne" and looks very sleek and classy.  Gold is a popular color for smartphones in China, so some suggest Apple is hoping to increase sales there.  Click here to see a stunning slideshow of high-resolution images of the new gold iPhone from Phone Arena.

Check out this article from our friends at PC Mag - iPhone Rumor Roundup: Gold iPhone 5S Pics, 5C Price - t…

LYNKtec's Back to School Specials!!!!

Going to college this fall?  Heading back to high school soon?  LYNKtec is offering Back to School Specials for you!

The Smartie Microfiber Cleaning Cloth will keep your screens sparkling clean and add a cool personal touch to your tech.  Be sure to check out our NEW designs - Whooo Are You? and Tee Off!  Also, have you seen our NEWEST product - the Clean-a-Roo Joey?  The mini pouch is perfectly sized to clip on your backpack or stick in your pocket, and it unfolds into a full-sized cleaning cloth.  Rub away smudges with the plush inside of the pouch, and make your screen shine with the silky microfiber cleaning cloth.  You can also use it to clean your glasses, TV, mini fridge, or whatever!

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Flexible Display Technology from Samsung - How Would You Use It?

Samsung is working on new flexible display technology, and they want to know what kind of devices you'd use with this technology.  They are having a contest where people can submit their ideas for a foldable computer, a GPS device shaped like a globe, or whatever else you can imagine.  Read more in Darrell Etherington's article - Samsung Wants You To Figure Out What To Do With Its Flexible Displays on Tech Crunch.

Enter your ideas for their flexible technology here, and you could win up to $10,000!

Always On: The 5 Toughest Gadgets You Can Buy

Considering I accidentally just ran over my iPod with my car, I thought I'd share this video from CNET with you - ranking the 5 Toughest Gadgets You Can Buy.  What happens when you put an iPad in liquid nitrogen?  You can find out in this video!  The Sony Xperia Z phone is waterproof.  They do not just run it under water.  They make it into a chocolate bar!  It's like a MythBusters-type video, so it's pretty entertaining and informative as well.  Enjoy!

How Smartphone Users See Each Other

LYNKtec Blog readers, I thought I'd share this cartoon with you to add a laugh to your day!  Accurate or no.... what do you think??

18-year-old's Invention Could Charge Your Cell Phone in 20 Seconds!

18-year-old Eesha Khare of Saratoga, California created a supercapacitor that could soon charge your phone in as little as 20 seconds!  Furthermore, she says this new technology will last for 10,000 charging cycles, compared to a battery's 1,000 charge cycles!  The high school student won the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix, Arizona this May, and she will be starting college at Harvard University this fall.  Here is a video from CNN about her invention:

Read more about Eesha's incredible technological achievement in the article Teen's invention could charge your phone in 20 seconds from NBC News.  They have a great video about her linked to that article as well!