Traveling this summer? Check out the "5 Best Travel Tech Accessories"

While experiencing a 4-hour flight delay yesterday.... I was very glad to have a variety of entertainment options on my tech devices.  With the hours I was spending using my electronics, I was even more excited that the New York LaGuardia Airport provided power outlets under most of the seats at the gate!  Genius.

So today, I thought I'd share this article, 5 Best Travel Tech Accessories, with you.  These would definitely be some useful products for your travels this summer - whether you're spending a few nights in the coolest hotel you've ever visited, riding the biggest roller coasters in America, enjoying your favorite musicals, museums, and skyscrapers in Chicago, touring movie sets in California, or hanging out in the airport for an extra 4 hours.

5 Best Travel Tech Accessories

by Geoffrey Morrison - Forbes

With iPads, Kindles, smartphones and more, traveling with tech has become a bundle of wires, boxes, and screens. There are ways to minimize the clutter, and at the same time add additional gear that makes everything a lot easier.

Here is that gear. The 5 Best Travel Tech Accessories.


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