Best iPad and iPhone Accessories for Healthcare Professionals: A Cleaning Cloth and a Capacitive Stylus

62% of doctors are now using smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices at work, a number that has nearly doubled from 2011 to 2012 according to Manhattan Research, a healthcare market research firm. Healthcare professionals are always looking for ways to better serve their patients. However, as any healthcare provider can tell you, there is a mountain of clerical work that must be completed and checked for each patient. Keep Reading >>


  1. Being in medical profession I have always been wondering that how can I keep my ipad and stylus infection free. I am glad to know that I can sterilize stylus . Nice and informative article. Keep writing and spreading the knowledge.

  2. I'm using mine on a daily basis.

  3. Good information. As I have been in this profession for long time, I always wander for new medical equipments and accessory. We always try to avoid using our smart phones or any other device while working because there is always remain a fear of transferring harmful germs. I usually wear complete medical attire which I bought from OKUniform shops . Now this device will be add to my stuff so I can feel completely safe and secure.

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