Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Newest Apple TV Release

The Newest Apple TV Release 

Who doesn’t love TV and now with Apple’s new launch of their Apple TV 4 upcoming in either later this October or November (perfect release time for Black Friday/Holiday shopping) should make the viewing experience even more pleasurable than before.

Newest Apple TV design 

What’s different? 

New Siri Remote

Have you ever felt too tired and didn’t have enough energy to just flick through the channels? Well, Apple in their 4th generation Apple TV has made their remote your new best friend when viewing TV. They have made several updates that will ease your viewing experience.

Siri features: Don’t you hate it when your thumb is too weak and you don’t quite have the energy to click through the channels? You now have a Siri button option where you can tell her to “show me comedy TV shows” or  "go to Netflix.” You can even become incredibly specific and ask to view a particular Breaking Bad episode and she will turn it on for you.

The physical remote itself has a new sleek design with a glass touch-surface on top, which makes swiping back and forth between movie selections, the simplest task in the world.

New remote with Siri and swiping capabilities

Apple has also added a Bluetooth feature to the remote which will allow you to be anywhere in the room and change what you are watching without having to physically point it at the TV.

Sure, this all looks great, but how much does this cost? Currently the 3rd generation Apple TV is selling for about $70 (USD), but the new 4th generation is slated to sell for a whopping $149. This dramatic raise in price may have Apple lose some of its consumers?

Is the price too much for you and you’re curious where you could find a product similar? Check out:

The Roku 2

 cost anywhere from $49-$129, depending upon the player you are looking for 

Google Chromecast
Amazon Fire TV
Google Chromecast: easy plugin, priced at $35

                     Amazon Fire TV: Found exclusively on amazon for $99 

Google Nexus Player: Costs: $99
Google Nexus Player

But if you can’t resist the Apple charm, I’m sure Siri will be good to you and make your TV-life enjoyable

Thursday, August 20, 2015

iPad Air 2 Improvements and Lynktec’s New Apex Fine Point Stylus Release

iPad Air 2 Improvements and Lynktec’s New Apex Fine Point Stylus Release

Since the release of the new iPadAir 2 and the new tech that goes along with it, there has been a steady decline of touch screen accessories that would work with the new version of the iPad. But here at Lynktec, the Apex stylus design team has been hard at work to address the new Apple products and have redesigned the Rechargeable Apex so that it works not only with the iPad Air 2 but also the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+.
Lynktec Rechargeable Apex, full body shot

What Apple did to shake things up for Stylus Manufacturers: 

You wouldn’t be one of the world’s most successful tech companies without constantly evolving the technology utilized in the release of your new consumer electronics. In the newer product releases, Apple changed how thin the Air is, the A8X processor, and the Touch ID. Of course, these new designs make the consumer want the latest products Apple is offering, but it also requires a change of scenery for mobile accessories. 

Lynktec’s most significant changes to the new Rechargeable Apex were on the technical surface board and the material of the Apex’s 2mm tip. Also, due to customer feedback, we have altered the on/off switch so that it turns on in 2 seconds instead of the 5 seconds it was previously set to.  In addition, styling on the Apex has been updated. It is slightly lighter so that it is far more comfortable to hold in your hand, there is a rubberized grip that provides cushion and stability, and the predominately silver design provides for a sleek and finished look in any setting. The Rechargeable Apex works beautifully with writing apps such as INKredible and NOTE plus. The engineers here at Lynktec have worked closely with these companies among others to insure that the apex will work smoothly with their app. Please check out our app page to see the full list of applications that are suggested to accompany your Apex: Lynktec Apps  
Lynktec, Example of Apex usage

We have received very positive market feedback on this new edition Apex fine point stylus and appreciate all the customers who support our products.  As always, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at if you have any questions regarding this update or need any support with any of our products!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Coolest Ways to put that Apple Watch to use!

The Coolest Ways to put that Apple Watch to use!

With the Apple Watch expanding its market this latest gadget is the company's most desired product right now. At the end of July 2015 the company is expanding its availability throughout the world and will be now available in Turkey, New Zealand, and Russia by the end of this month.  Here in the Lynktec community we were thinking about some of the most interesting ways to
use your watch!

Night Rider
1. We can finally live out our spy fantasies
and look super cool by talking into
a watch while you walk down the street.

2. You'll feel incredibly futuristic with this watch: Philips has even designed an app where upon entering your home, your lights automatically turn on! You can design the brightness and which lights turn on in the app features.  Called Philips HUE.

3. With the maps function, the watch will know where the wearer is located and with that, can offer language aid. Such as common greetings and phrases to say in a restaurant. Just download the app "Babbel."

4. August is coming up and maybe your favorite student deserves an apple watch. There are plenty of practical uses for the classroom such as time management, group organization, and dictating notes. The app "Day One" will allow the students to personally dictate to the phone what they want to write.

5. with all the newest healthcare applications coming out, the apple watch is another tool that can help you stay in shape. It comes with friendly reminders that will send a "nudge" for you to move around every hour. You will also find yourself competing against yourself to fulfill the "circles" that apple employs to help you stay on tract. (Circles include a moving, stand, and exercise circle).

For you viewing pleasure: here is a video of the apple watch being smashed with a hammer (it holds out for a surprisingly long time).

And of course, it can always help you tell time no matter where you go. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bringing in the Summer Heat

Having too much phone in that Summer Sun 

Is Your Technology too Hot for the Sun?

With the summer heat starting to ramp up across the country, people everywhere are noticing a decline in their technology’s performance. This could be attributed to a lack of proper software updates but it also could have to do with the sun’s rays beating down on it. The heat is a common cause that ends up roasting your cellphone or laptop battery!

1.     Keep ‘em cool!
a.     Try to keep your laptops and handheld devices OUT of the summer heat and INTO the shade. The sun can cause your laptop to over heat, and when your laptop over heats forget about watching that next episode on Netflix. Try to use a cooling pad and keep your laptop’s fan fully functional and clean.  Place your laptop on a hard surface which will allow the fan to remain level and work at its optimal level.
2.     With the summer heat, comes the dive into the pool
a.     This may seem obvious, but avoid the water at all cost. Water will cause permanent damage (and damage that will void the warranty on your device); is that pool selfie really worth it?
3.     If being near water is a necessity for you, you might want to try investing in a waterproof case. Although they may initially seem like the cases are priced far too high, in the long run they will most certainly be worth it!
a.     These waterproof cases can be a real lifesaver and work remarkably well some brands you might want to investigate are Hitcase, Lifebox, Bessmate, and Optrix all of which boast that they will protect your cellphone from Neptune’s dangers.
4.     And as always, play it smart!
a.     Make sure to keep all screens and lens away from the sand; this will help reduce any miscellaneous scratches, immediately wipe down screens if you get sunscreen or bug spray on it.